The Millennium Method


The Millennium Method


The Millennium Method encourages students to beat time with the assistance of clearly marked ‘foot prints’ for exercises and tunes as well having either the simple or compound rhythm markers clearly displayed allowing students to gain a through knowledge of rhythmical patterns and the timing for a variety of tunes.

  • A concise and easy to follow method for learning the Great Highland Bagpipe.

  • Possibly the most concise rhythmical method for learning the Great Highland Bagpipe ever produced.

  • A 25 step programme which may see students playing several tunes inside of 6 months.

  • This CD tutor allows students to print their own practice booklet of over 250 tutorial pages.

  • There are over 350 individual exercise and 350 individual video reference files.

  • Over 25,000 words clearly explaining the methods that will see students progressing faster than they thought possible.

  • There are over 500 video files clearly showing students how to perform the exercises or tunes for each section concisely.

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